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School of Science, Navrachana University

“The BioMed Club aims to spread awareness on current challenges in biomedicine and healthcare faced by mankind.”

BIoMed Committee

About BioMed Club

The BioMed Club, established in 2018, wishes to reach all the curious minds and enriching them with better knowledge of Biomedical Sciences. The club strives to promote interactions among the students of various fields and discussion of innovative ideas together. BioMed encompasses the activities including the magazine “Ingenious Probers”, blog and Phrenics Sessions.


Phrenics sessions are a series of interactive sessions hosted by students wherein the experts and students, deliver a talk, enhancing the knowledge of all. Its nature of being “Out of the box” makes it an attractive segment of our activities. Phrenics also includes a unique segment called “How does a city work?” followed by science based fun games.

Events By BioMed Club

BioMed Club has conducted many scientific visits, expert lectures, interesting and eco-friendly activities as well. The Biomedical students and the club members have actively participated in all the events with great enthusiasm. The BioMed Club encourages learning beyond the classrooms, to gain a broader perspective, cultivate passion and diversify interests!


“Ingenious Probers” is an educational magazine that was introduced and initiated by the pioneers of BioMed Club. It provides a platform to the students for writing scientific articles on recent developments of biomedicine and healthcare. The magazine reflects upon the potential of factual and scientific learning through constructive discussions, scientific debates and interviews.

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About Navrachana University

Navrachana University was established through the Gujarat Private Universities Act, 2009 with the intent to offer superior education that befits the high educational standards of the Navrachana Educational Society in Vadodara. The University has embarked on a new educational paradigm that lays simultaneous emphasis on disciplinary, inter-disciplinary, professional and general education.

Navrachana University, Vadodara

Navrachana University was established in 2009 with the intent to offer superior education and embark on a new educational paradigm, that lays simultaneous emphasis on both disciplinary and inter-disciplinary education along with a professional one; to propagate a culture of excellence through a continual process of introspection, questioning, self and mutual discovery.

School of Science

The School of Science; one of the five schools that make up Navrachana university; offers bachelor’s and master’s degree in the field of Life Sciences, Chemistry, Biomedical Science and Data Science with inclusive learning pathways and an interdisciplinary approach. SOS aims towards seeking and generating scientific knowledge and transforming education into an experience of learning. 

Biomedical Science

Biomedical Science is a course which merges the medical and clinical aspects of Biology as a subject. It is an interdisciplinary approach towards current scientific researches. 

Navrachana University has helped us to lay the foundation of the BioMed Club, encouraged and supported us ever since. Special thanks to the Faculties of Division of Biomedical Science and Life Sciences for constant support, motivation and guidance!


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